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“Just being yourself” is probably the most natural way of behaving. But in some situations this is rather difficult.

First of all, in modern society every person interacts on a daily basis with a great number of other people, and all of them have different characters and different communication habits. Therefore, we have to alter our behavior while communicating with our relatives, friends, or colleagues. That doesn’t imply hypocrisy or instability. It only means finding a personal approach to everyone you are talking to.

Besides, almost for everyone it’s very important what other people think of us – be it our boss or our acquaintance. That is why we tend to keep an eye on the way we speak, the way we dress and behave. And quite often we don’t do the things we really would like to do but we act in the way that would create favourable impression on the people whose opinion we value.

Finally, there is a tendency among the young people nowadays to emulate the behavior of pop-stars, actors and other celebrities. Adolescents are quite confident that thus they can also be very fashionable and popular. But in fact they only lose their individuality and fail to shape their own personality.

There is no doubt that some situations can force us to alter our behavior and to act in the way that is not quite natural for us. In some occasions it would be just wise to behave nonstandardly. But nevertheless, it’s better to remain always what we are, because everyone is exceptional and this is our great advantage.

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