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Excimer ophthalmological clinic opened in Rostov-on-Don in 2002 and was one of the first in South Russia to provide a wide range of medical services concerning eye problems faced by people of all ages. The clinic is engaged in the most in-demand branches of ophthalmology and uses contemporary techniques, latest equipment and best-quality materials. An individual treatment program is compiled for every patient notwithstanding his or her age. Excimer clinic deals with patients whose problems are rather frequent as well as those whose case can be called a challenge from medical point of view. Our patients are aware that Excimer is a synonym for first-rate medical services and the specialists' competence. Those wonderful results that we are so proud of can be achieved only by means of adhering to all the technologies.

Individual approach to every patient is provided thanks to a complex of latest technical achievements, the most efficient methods and practical and scientific experience of first-rate specialists. Computerized complex vision diagnostics, various techniques of excimer-laser vision correction, sutureless ultrasound surgery, exclusive therapeutic programs - this is only the part of the services provided in Rostov Excimer clinic.

Excimer clinic is familiar not only to the natives of Rostov-on-Don but to people from other regions as well. Over the years of our performing we have rendered knowledgeable assistance to more than 65 thousand patients.

Excimer clinic departments

Excimer clinic has several specialized departments taking into account fundamental differences in technology and the methods of surveying and treating respective diseases:

Department of diagnostics

Department of refractory surgery

Department of microsurgery and general ophthalmology

Children's department

Excimer Department of diagnostics offers its patients complex diagnostic vision survey which is the first important step on the road of eye health. It is the diagnostics that gives the opportunity to get the exhaustive information on the vision state and to reveal the major part of eye diseases in early stages of their development.

Excimer clinic Department of refractory surgery is engaged in fixing refractive errors - myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism. Our doctors offer various methods - from the most wide-spread excimer-laser correction to complex microsurgical operations on refractive eye-lens replacement by artificial lens, phakic lens implantation which do not require eye-lens extraction and also keratoplasty.

Excimer Department of microsurgery and general ophthalmology is engaged in curing cataract, glaucoma and other complex eye diseases with the means of surgical interference. As part of the Department there is the anesthetic service, a general practitioner and a cardiologist who observe the patient during the preoperative stage and in the course of the surgical treatment as well.

Excimer Department of laser therapy is engaged in preventive and surgical treatment of various retina diseases including those faced by diabetic patients.

Apart from conservative methods our patients can be offered intravitreous injections, laser procedures and surgical treatment depending on the disease complexity.

Children's Department of Excimer clinic specializes in conducting the programs of diagnostic survey as well as prevention and treatment of squint, farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism, amblyopia and other children's pathologies including those of innate nature like cataract and glaucoma. The major part of our treatment methods are authorial workings and do not have analogues. Children are exposed to surgical treatment only if the disease endangers normal vision development or is likely to lead to loss of vision.

Rostov-on-Don Excimer clinic equipment

is a complex of latest diagnostic appliances, excimer and therapeutic lasers and a range of unique equipment for therapeutic treatment. Having at disposal various types of surgical and laser equipment, our doctors are able to help the patients not only in most common cases but also in challenging ones. The widest range of ophthalmological and supplementary materials of best quality enables our specialists to find everything requisite individually for each patient. Excimer clinic cooperates with such well-known manufacturers of equipment and expendable materials as Alcon, Bausch&Lomb, VISX and many others.

The demands made on contemporary ophthalmology are currently very high and the doctor's role has become more significant. He is to put all the achievements of ophthalmosurgery into practice. Among the Excimer clinic staff there are high-rate ophthalmologists of various specializations. All of them have longstanding practical and scientific experience.

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