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How is the model changed if it is required to make changes in accordance with amendment of legislation but to preserve the original variant herewith? For example, amendments are concerned with payroll accounting regulations and they will begin to be effective since 15th of the current month. Herewith, an accountant has to draw the payroll to 15th following former regulations but after 15th – new regulations.                   

002� od�H �H down in London and began team working of the magazine Tatler, but became an editor of the British version Vogue in a couple of years. In 2007, she returned to Paris to work for Ralph Lauren, but from there Raphaella Riboud went over to Dior.


During the working years in the fashion world she understood that clothing must be light and luxury. But the difference between her casual finery and what she went through the apartment in, was great. Thus, in 2012, Riboud decided to create her own home clothing line Private Wear because could never find anything elegant for home. Her collections were grown fond by the editors Elle and Vogue, and big concept-stores such as Collette and KM20.

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