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For the First Party

Mr.___________, of legal age, of ___________ nationality, bearer of ID No._________ resident at _______________________________________, No. _____, __________ (City), _________ (Country); __________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Candidate -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


For The Other Party

Alexandre Miguel Duque Lourenço, of legal age, of Portuguese nationality, bearer of ID No. 10504379, and Susana Cristina dos Santos Martins Nunes, of legal age, of Portuguese nationality, bearer of  ID No. 10326615, both acting in the capacity of Administrators of BODYCONCEPT SA (Corporation), a Portuguese based Business Company, having its registered office at Avenida Da Liberdade, 227, Piso 6, 1250-142 Lisboa, Concelho de Lisboa, Portugal, holder of a single commercial and Company Tax ID 508311268, with share capital of €50,100.00, hereinafter referred to as the Franchiser.


The two contracting parties, through their respective representatives, mutually and reciprocally recognising each other’s competent legal authority to enter into this agreement, freely




I - For appropriate and legal purposes the applicant declares intent to enter into a contract with the franchise to franchise the system BODYCONCEPT ®. -------------------------------------------------


II - With the conclusion of this agreement, the franchise gave the CANDIDATE the following documents that expressly states that it has received: -------------------------------

a) Template of the Franchise Agreement for BODYCONCEPT System ®; -------

b) European Code of Ethics for Franchising. -------------------------------------------


III – By way of pledge and deposit, the CANDIDATE delivery to Franchise, with the conclusion of this agreement, the amount of € 1,000 (thousand euros) plus VAT--------------------

IV - During the period of thirty days from the date hereof, the parties should agree the final terms of the Franchise Agreement, and this term, plus a delay of sixty days, concluding that contract. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Over the thirty days following the date hereof, either party is free to withdraw the application process in progress, no matter that any consequences or effects, or giving any right to damages or compensation, whatever the title is, except the return on simple sum of 1,000 (+ VAT) delivered by the CANDIDATE, upon the return of all documentation on the system BODYCONCEPT ® however delivered, in particular the documents referred to in paragraphs a) and b) clause ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After this period of thirty days, unless expressly in writing, either Party declares not to be more interested in continuing with this process of applying for the franchise of BODYCONCEPT ®, the amount of € 1,000 (+ VAT) delivered on that date convola in Signal and early payment of the Right of Entry, with all the legal consequences. ----------------------------------------------------------------


V - The CANDIDATE hereby undertake to keep confidential the contents of the documents referred to in paragraphs a) and b) of clause 3, as well as any others that eventually will be delivered within the negotiations that are to occur, particularly those relating to operating accounts business, and not to disclose to third parties except to their lawyer and accountant, to the effect that now informs that consult, ensuring their immediate refund if it fails to enter into any franchise contract. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


VI - Any dispute arising from this Agreement, the parties hereby elect the County of Lisbon as competent to settle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Done in duplicate in Lisbon, on the _________ of ____________ ____________________

The Candidate



The Franchisor


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