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Case “Growth of China cement field”

A fast growth of China cement field boggles the mind. Now Great China has more than 60 % among all the world`s manufacture of the building material. In comparison with 1990 volumes of cement production in China grew in 11,5 times and overgrew 2,4 milliards of tons. Moreover China outran USA and the countries of EU in its share of cement production for which was used so-called “dry” way. Every year average per capita usage of the building material in the country consists of 1,5 tons when in the whole planet this index shows only 600 kg. But what is the secret of such impressing temps of development?

Production and usage of cement is the most precise index of investment climate and moreover of industrial and infrastructural development of one or another country. The growth of cement field confirms one more time that China economy is on its rise. As an additional stimulus to its development became the development of the building field for which its part in GPD in recent times grew from 5 % till 6,8 % and if to translate this index into financial language – it grew in 8 times, from 70 till 535 milliards USA dollars.

Big quantity of the produced in China cement is of high demand at large-scale building sites of the country. Thus the extension of railroads grew in 1,5 times in comparison with 2000 and ran up to 100 thousand kilometers.  During the same time average extension of motorroads grew in 3,5 times and went beyond 4 million kilometers. During the recent 20 years the speeds of house-building in China doubled and now came to 2 milliards square metres in a year.

Thus in any country where building is of prior importance there is an active building of roads, airports, housing, realization of social and infrastructural projects and in also such countries plants itself focuses a great attention to the productive lines of modernization and in all these countries there are all the opportunities if not to repeat China cement market but at least to be at leading edge with its own field. 

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