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The article is headlined as “In Crimea, it`s a crime to talk about returning to Ukraine rule”. It is a newspaper article, published on March 6, 2015. The author`s name is Olena Goncharova. Article was published on March 6, 2015.

The main idea of the article is the status and standards of living of Crimea residents with new circumstances, specifically that the group of gunmen attacked a Ukrainian army base in Simferopol killing a first victim of Russia`s war against Ukraine, - officer of Ukrainian Army, Serhiy Kokurin, that was the sign of origin of this war.

The article is concerned with that the Crimea held an illegal secessionist referendum overseen by gunmen, and, as a consecuence, more than 20,000 residents have left Crimea in the last year. The purpose of the article is the giving to reader some information about current, new, murky Crimea, information such as their citizens are scared, and because it, they can`t be truthful in the GFK-Ukraine poll.

The author`s starts by telling about short, but not easy life of Iryna Brunova-Kalisetska, changed drastically after the Russian military invasion in Crimea in February 2014. It is stressed about explanations of Brunova-Kalisetska, Kyshnir and Skrupnuk, some of they are: “The first wave of emigration from Crimea mostly includedthose people from whom it was dangerous to stay – because of their political or religious views – and those who didn`t imagine their lives in annexed Crimea and, most of all, wanted to save their Ukrainian identity”.

The article is giving the detailed analysis of point of view of political analyst Taras Berezovets, that say, that the Ukraine is should become an “attractive state” for Crimeand so they would feel there is a reason to come back. He is also say, beside that, the Ukrainian government should be ready to regain Crimea “when there is a chance”, but there won`t be one in the next five years.

Much attention given to the statues of passports in the occupied Crimea Ukrainian: those who decided to only keep the Ukrainian passports may face trouble finding jobs or getting services in Crimea, however, no one forces them to surrender their Ukrainian passports,- Kushnirs says. And, he says that he have a Russian passport, and other members of his family too, but also said, hat they have kept their Ukrainian ones as well.

In conclusion the author is be in agree with Brunova-Kalisetska in this views: “The number of people who recall the Ukrainian times is also growing, but they don`t believe it would be possible to return to Ukraine soon. And well, now public discussion of such an issue is a criminal offence.”

I found the article interesting, because I always been affected of compassion for the distress of others, and this text give me a lesson, how I can provide a moral support for people like Iryna. And I have I couple of acquaintances, who need not only a financial, but a moral help too.

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