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Actually CPM is low because we are the Belarusian network and all channels we have now are Belarusian with Russian-language content.

However, from March we are going to work with another content owner from Canada so we will start working all over the world.

You have understood from the previous letter that our MCN revenue was $1400 + $320=$1720 for the last 28 days.

We work with authors on 20% rate therefore $1376 goes to them and $334 stays in the network.

In accordance with Belarusian law, we are obliged to pay another 5% of revenue to the State as a tax, i. e. 5% of $1720=$86

$334 (MCN profit) - $86 (tax) = $248 (MCN post-tax profit for the last 28 days).

The cost of your services would be $226 what is almost equal to MCN post-tax profit.  

However, if you suggested to count CPM based on not 0.2 but, for example, on 0.05, it would be acceptable.

Wish not to count every penny but look to the future.

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