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Is it unique? What if to check it?


In our digital era information is of the greatest value. Every day it is created, sold and accordingly bought, thus making one field. But not any information is able to interest one – first of all it has to be unique and the best thing is if it is new. A website with the same content with that of the tens of similar ones will never get to the tops of search engine systems ranks. There are special programs for checking newly created or edited texts to be unique. Thus both whole websites and their separate pages can be checked.

One of programs designed for achieving this purpose is eTXT-AntiPlagiarism. Its main feature is scanning for coincidences of edited text fragments with other ones, which copies were saved by the search engine systems. Carrying out such a scan makes it possible to bring to light a real uniqueness per cent of the text subjected to it. An important feature is also the possibility to determine the phrases or word combinations used for creating new content are found on which “Internet” web pages and in what amount. They are marked by color, allowing quick text editing, thus achieving its uniqueness.

It's worth special mentioning that there are merits that allow to pick eTXT-AntiPlagiarism out of number of other ones, designed for achieving similar purposes. First of all, it's a large number of search engine systems used for original text analysis and a huge amount of saved page copies, accordingly. A wide range of settings should also be noted. These include samples number, quantity of words and references in each of them, and words quantity in a shingle as well. It is also possible to adjust the program to the “Internet” access quality by increasing the time needed for each page download and a number of pages downloaded together. If problems appear an alternative download scheme can be used.

Another positive feature is, doubtlessly, the fact, that the program perfection doesn't stop, new versions are issued regularly. In turn, this makes it possible for users to find minor non-unique fragments by analyzing created texts and correct them, thus achieving the best result.

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