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The first “Scandinavskiy” (Scandinavian) knife was made by Maslennikov at 1994 г. Since 1997, it is produced in volume. This is classical finish puukko but of larger size with 170 mm (6.6 in) blade. This multi-purpose taiga knife used for many everyday works form chopping brushwood and fixing equipment to making a stretcher for leather and else hunting purposes. Because of blade length, it is less handy at small games than specialized skinners, but it’s round drop-point is pretty useable for skinning and cut of a big game.
Since 2006, “Scandinavskiy” is produced in shorter blades mods (“Scandinavskiy sredniy” 140 mm (5.5 in) “Scandinavskiy maliy” 120 mm (4.7in).

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