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The Wet Blanket

Every new idea needs a "cold shower", objective criticism and doubts of skeptics. What do not kill you, makes you stronger. You can "light up" a beautiful idea, but you can not lose your mind. The idea can take you. And this can not be allowed, because you have to manage your idea, but not the idea itself should manage you. I realized it at once) I am sure that any idea is necessarily should be live, you can not be in a hurry, because the idea is nothing but the embodiment is everything in the end.

Now, let’s come to the point. There is an idea. The criticism, the doubts of skeptics and the thoughts of optimists are needed. I will be glad to your points of views in the comments to the entry. And here is the idea itself...

1. Recently, we introduced a new product in a range - dodsters. Dodster - is our super-duper roll. It consists of a wheat tortilla, in which meat stuffing is wrapped and fresh tomatoes are served with sauce and mozzarella cheese. Immediately, before the consumption, dodster is baked in the oven. Cheese and oven are particular qualities of a dodster. Why did we create dodsters - read here.

2. The first sales showed that clients love dodsters (of course, this is not an indicator, but still there was no sharply negative reviews).

3. Dodsters are made in advance, packed and stored in the refrigerator up to 12 hours.

4. Before the consumption, dodsters are baked in the oven for 3 minutes - the mozzarella melts, toasted tortilla becomes crispy.

5. Advantages of the dodsters - (a) they are prepared in advance, and (b) they are baked quickly.

6. The outdoorsy fast-food in Syktyvkar is in a terrible state. Today I walked with my daughter to the park and once again I was convinced as (I dared to buy hot-dog - and I thrown it after the first bite). It’s difficult to describe even in words the taste of that hot dog.

7. We are creating a format of "Dodo Express" - street mini-units (kiosks) selling dodsters.

8. From the equipment - a small stove, refrigerator for the dodsters, refrigerator for drinks and a coffee machine. The minimum area. A small investment. More ways to find the area.

9. Dodsters are produced at a pizzeria in the hours of the fall of demand (in the early morning, for example). Thus, our main production load and increase the turnover of our products.

10. Dodsters are daily delivered to a mini-unit, where they are baked in the oven in front of the customer and are packaged in individual packaging. Convenient, quick and tasty meal.

11. By means of the simple technology in mini-units - the speed of service and low prices for dodsters.

These are pros. Now the cons, and doubts that I see:

1. All street Output Formats (collect) the product in front of the customer (crapes, shaverma, kroshka-kartoshka and hot dogs). Here we bake a ready dodster. Of course, it is fresh, stored in a refrigerator, but it is prepared in advance... will it work?

2. Finished products immediately create a problem with reserves. It will be necessary to engage in trade, that is, to predict the demand. There will always be unsold balances that will be written off. Range will severely limit to reduce the number of unsold balances. If we were going to prepare dodsters within sight of our customers, the problems with the reserves would be less, and the range can be made wider.

3. Of course, you can collect dodsters directly at the kiosk, but then: (a) we do not load the primary production, (b) we have no control over the quality of dodsters on-line (b) we greatly increase the production rate of one dodster (up to 5-7 minutes, which is critical); (c) we keep the stock ingredients in kiosks, increase the amount of equipment and complicates ...

P.S. I forgot to point out one more negative item:

- A cold climate for the development of street food

- A small town

I invite you to discuss business ideas!

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