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Scientific community considers star systems with planets like the Earth to be the rule not the exclusion. Data, collected by the space telescope Kepler, allowed us to suppose that every fifth star in Milky Way galaxy possesses a planet similar to the Earth.

 Scientists from the University of California, Berkley, made such conclusions having done complex statistical analysis of Kepler’s data, which was launched in 2009 for searching of exoplanet. As CBS News announced, they tried to find answer for the question "how many “earthlike” planets may exist in our Galaxy".

Analysis showed that 22 percents of all stars, similar by their characteristics to the Sun, have such planets in their systems. Temperature environment of stars is rather favorable and assumes existence of water on planetary surfaces and in its atmospheres. In other words, they are located in potentially habitable zones of the systems. According to these data, the nearest planet to us where the life can appear is located approximately in 12 light-years from the Sun system.

It should be recalled that Kepler has been serving for three years and broke down in 2013. But he had time to gather enormous aggregation of interesting data, which has not been yet fully analyzed by scientists.

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