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Il The Consortium UN.I.VER  establishes the function of concurrence among the academic world and the concurrence of economic topics divided into three main actions:

  • Establishment of the higher education and post-graduate specialization

  • Laying foundation to the creation of a new innovative enterprise on the territory

  • Encouraging the concurence among Academic world and the enterprise via the research

The Consortium emerged in 1995 as an operative branch of the Company “Enti Locali” in Verchelli, which merged,  in order to create the structure capable of supporting and contirbuting to the forthcoming to such a complex and difffiult world as an enterpreneurial one, considering the necessity of giving an insitutional encouragement to the relaunch of the local economy. 

The proper conditions for local development  have formed thanks to that initiative, introducing decisive measures to the market’s disposition, alongside with the specialized human resources and qualified information.

In the economic reality, similar to the one which we are facing, which lives on and accumulates itself mainly thanks to the innovations, the knowledge and competence are the basic resources for proving oneselves as professionals in the working world and as economical subjects at the market.

The Consortium  implements these actions, subdividing it’s intervention into three areas:




The Consortium UN.I.VER. offers a system of a permanent education, oriented on the one side at the young graduates who wish to reinforce a certain formation, and on the other side – at the professionals, determined to develop working competence via keeping themselves informed and up-to-date. 

The graduates of “MASTER”’s degree establish themselves in the sectors of major expansion and demand and allow a precious opportunity of specialization, which finaly leads to the creation of the professional and qualified stufff. Today this degree retains traditionaly high demand at the working market.

Re-educating courses at the enterprises and by the professionals aide to the people who are already working to maintain the constant adequate preparation to the new requirements of the system.

The innovative incubator of the enterprises related to the Consortium UN.I.VER.  establishes the foundation for the principal level in creation of the new enterprise on the local territory, offering concise possibilities of realization to the young enterpreneurs.

The activities by UN.I.VER in the sphere of the knowledge transfer contributes to the establishment of a dialogue between local economic subjects and technologically advanced research centres of the Region, contributing to the the determination of the new opportunities of the economic development.



The Masters drawn Consorzio Univer into collaboratione with the Polytechnic University of Torino and  The University of The Oriental Beneficience re-established in the sphere of regional Decree for the Masters of the 1st and 2nd degree of the Higher Education Directive of the Social European Fund.

   The  proposed Masters of the 1st degree possesss an annual term of service and comprehend the intitial phase of the frontal lessons and auditorium pratcice, by the completion of the formation period achieve an important probation period at the enterprise of the 4-month duration.

The  Masters managed by Consortium  Univer supply the graduates with the knowldge and the operational instruments  necessary in order to work with competence and professionalism in the Energetic and Environmental sectors.

The education of the Masters in the following spheres is established as well:

Master in Communcation and Marketing of the Renewable Energies

Master in Materials for Energy and Environment



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