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This is the website for all motorcyclists, motorhead fans, travelers and tourists. Besides the main objective of the website – Motorcycle Hire and Motorcycle Tours, we provide you Motor Vehicles discussion, including writing your travel articles, comments and reviews about Montenegro, roads, nature, motorcycles, and our service.


The website offers a number of categories, namely, client section where you can share your thoughts/impressions, your own travel stories, add comments or ask questions. When posting a question on Motorcycle Rent and Motorcycle Tours or general questions on Montenegro region, countries of the former Yugoslavia and the near Europe, we will make sure your question gets answered quickly and exactly. Your active participation through the website allows you to influence the development of Motor tourism in Montenegro.

Motorcycle tours in Montenegro, from Montenegro to Europe and to the Balkan countries are very comfortable and interesting with us. You always have a choice to select several equally spaced directions. Our tours are scheduled and meet individual requirements and specific wishes. We are always flexible and find suitable solutions when it comes to designing your Motorcycle tour in Montenegro, Europe and Balkans. You can rely on us when designing you tour and be ready for a real surprise for you.

During the tour we will make several stops at various beaches, dine out a variety of different interesting places where it will not always be easy to find a simple tourist. Accommodation can be arranged at your discretion: either apartments *** (such apartments are included in the price of the tour), or you can stay overnight in tents, camping with all  the comforts -  a fire, dinner over the open fire, beautiful views, biker stories and so on.

Thus, we have prepared for you a convenient platform to develop your own ideas on designing and modeling your Motorcycle tour in Montenegro, Europe or the Balkans.

Motorcycle racing limits are 100-300 km per day to avoid exhausting yourself (except Motorcycle tours to Europe).  It is useful within the excursion program and will allow you to enjoy all the pleasures and beauty of Montenegro without feeling as burdened with thoughts - “well, when we finally get there and when will it end?” It is verified by experience. The roads conditions cover the entire range from very smooth main roads in Europe to small back roads with asphalt binders of 2.5 meters and highway spiral. Breathtaking views will take your breath away and you won't want to leave for some time to take photos and relax looking far away and thinking about yourself.

Motorcycle tour include: 1. The motorcycle; 2. Transfer from/to the airport; 3. The motorcycle or car Track Guide; 4. Accommodation; 5. Food; 6. Petrol; 7. Personal injury insurance; 8. Complete outfit consisting of helmet, gloves, jackets, bags, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags; 9. Face-to-face contact, good company, good mood, positive emotions and lots of wonderful shots.

Motorcycle tour does not include: 1. Air tickets; 2. Deposit of 200 Euro per each motorcycle; 3. Alcoholic beverages; 4. Souvenirs; 5. Taxi; 6. Any costs beyond the event.



Motorcycle tours in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country set on the Adriatic coast with a population of about 650 000 people. It borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Montenegro is relatively small, but it can be divided into the coastal part (Primorye), continental part and the North. This division is justified in this way, because sea climate from the South and continental climate from the North influences the weather, the nature and the way of life of local indigenous people.

Just take one of the guided Motorcycle tours in Montenegro in Tour list and you will be able to pass through this amazing country without missing anything of fundamental importance on the best roads. You will appreciate the cuisine of the coastal area and Northern Montenegro, find different tastes in food and difference in mentality of people.

You will visit the unique monuments of culture, climb the highest peaks of Montenegro, drive along the serpentine highway that twists and turns, along the gorges, canyons, mountain rivers, stand on the edge of one of the largest canyons of Europe.

We can arrange a lunch or dinner on an open air in a picturesque place and visit a bathhouse after a long way, not Russian, but a warm and cozy in one small country hotel in the North.

You may feel ambivalent about your tour with us. Visiting the huge beach of volcanic origin which is about 20 km long, driving along the narrow serpentine road through distinctive villages of 16-17 centuries, still inhabited by local residents, going through an age-old forest, and visiting the canyons is very exciting as well. And it takes just a little time to get to all these places during the tour.

Motorcycle tour in Montenegro will give you the unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. There are will be a feeling that you have been in the Alps and the South, and touched the culture of the Balkan people.

3 day Tours

The three-day motorcycle tour in Montenegro includes the journey on the most outstanding country sightseeing attractions. Note that we can adjust any of the routes at your own discretion, taking into account your wishes, or designing the unique program specifically for you.

Choose the three-day motorcycle tour in Montenegro:

7-day Tours

Seven-day motorcycle tour in Montenegro will guide you on the most wildlife, nature reserved and closed areas except the main sightseeing attractions of Montenegro, which are the coast, the Coast Mountains, North of Montenegro, with its unique  labyrinth of roads and mountain paths. This tour will be an adventure and require patience, where you will use all your skills to ride the bike. You will receive a huge experience of motorcycle driving. Feel yourself as real traveler with the opportunity to be at one with the road, nature and weather.

Balkans Motorcycle tour


Not many people know that the Balkan countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, are also very interesting to travel by motorcycle. First, Motorcycle tourism in these countries is still weak, although there is a rich Motorcycle culture. There is any kind of Motorcycle club, a bar and a party in each small town. Bikers in these regions are more advantaged than ours in Russia, the climate in these countries is softer than in Russia, accordingly the Motorcycle season is longer, the quality of the roads is better, the level of traffic is lower, and police attitudes towards motorcyclists are more loyal.

On traveling to Bosnia and Serbia you will visit places where almost no Russian foot may tread. One can see extraordinarily beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and plains similar to ours. You can get a look at the Golden domes of churches that tourist come to see in Serbia not related to Orthodox architecture of those places. One can feel as if somewhere far away from home, but Serbia is so warm and friendly like native country.

Capital cities like Sarajevo, Skopje, and Belgrade are very beautiful. Many people come to these cities and do not see the tenth part of them. But we know motorhead in these places, who will share their culture with pleasure, give a home spread, show you interesting sights and tell you many interesting facts. Make sure such a trip will not pass without leaving a trace in the soul and this experience will touch you emotionally. Someday you will wish to go back to the place again and repeat your trip to favorite places.

Motorcycle tours in Europe

Montenegro region has a favourable geographical position for Motorcycle traveling and tours. Just take one Motorcycle tour in Europe and you are not limited to one or two directions. Montenegro is close to Greece, Sicily, southern Italy, Croatia, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Monaco, a little further Spain, seas such as the Mediterranean, the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and of course the Adriatic. It is impossible to visit all these places at a time, but you can plan a route using spots you wish to travel. In addition, our motorcycle tours prices in Europe significantly lower than in other countries.

Greece has always been an attraction for international visitors and is different from the rest of the world. We offer you to visit the special atmosphere of temples, amphitheatres, ruins of ancient settlements. Olive groves and lakes of Greece will not leave you indifferent.

The region of Greece is stretching across Albania, so you see firsthand how to live in this nobody incomprehensible country.

On the way, we stop to admire beautiful panoramic view over the lake Ohrid, the city of Thessaloniki, Athens, from there to Corinth, after driving along the Gulf of Corinth in the Peloponnese, we will drive over the world’s most beautiful cable-stayed bridge - Rio–Antirrio, which connects the Peloponnese Peninsula with the rest of the continent and pass The Ambracian Gulf, driving along the Adriatic coast of Greece and Albania. The whole trip will be 2500 km.

Add your Montenegro travel articles in the section “Articles” and share your experience and impressions. Your experience is very important for us and people going to visit Montenegro, rent a motorcycle or come on his own. Please send all comments about company service, Montenegro region, roads, people, cities, restaurants, etc. to the section “Comments”.


Posted on 20/11/2013 by Alex

Drive Moto Montenegro Company has prepared for you a unique program for the winter motorcycle travelling. If you are waiting for a new Motorcycle season, or at least start thinking about it, you will need to visit Montenegro. The mild marine climate of the Adriatic and the mountainous scenery will help you to abstract from the long Russian winter and drive one of the offered motorcycles with 40 percent discount.

You will be in another dimension and understand how motorcycle truly feels to drive, when it is snowing at home. You will be pleasantly surprised with our discounts in winter Motorcycle season and prices for air tickets. A main advantage is you do not need to get a visa or permit. So, you just decide and after three hours flying from Moscow, you are already at sea under the palm trees on a motorcycle. Do not miss this unique opportunity, please contact us and book your motorcycle now at a winter discount! You will get a lot of positive energy for the rest of the winter season. Don't close your Motorcycle riding season!


Posted on 26/10/2013 by Alex

Perast city

Motorcycle riding, January 2013. The Bay of Kotor, Perast

Come to Montenegro to go on motorcycle tour in winter! After freezing cold temperatures you will feel a real nice and sharp, especially when we guarantee the lowest prices. Take a bike and ride along the Adriatic coast to the left or to the right. Go to Croatia and visit Dubrovnik, which is the biggest and most beautiful old town on the Adriatic. Travel through Bay of Kotor, visit Kotor, Perast, take some pictures that your friends-bikers in Russia will be speechlessly amazed )). So, you are welcome!!

A few words about Montenegro

Posted on 22/10/2013 by Alex

Late night in the Bay of Kotor

The Montenegro attracts many tourists because of its amazing unique national parks with canyons, mountain lakes, relict forests, serpentines which take your breath away, Alpine meadows and valley areas. When traveling to Montenegro you will feel like a real biker - «trucker» with all appropriate motorcycle travel romance, freedom and enjoyment of nature.

What else I would like to comment is that Motorcycle season in the Adriatic coast is year-round. Yes, sometimes it rains sometimes it pours, but you can have high times if you abide, find out about weather conditions, come to Montenegro and «blow out» 250 km of the Montenegrin coast, feel the sea, flavor of blooming all year round plants and flowers, warm and winter sun. If you wish, you will travel to Croatia, and it is additionally 500 km. I will post «winter» riding photos in my comments, because I ride a motorcycle all year round.

Even if you were not so lucky and got rained on during the travel, it would not mean that your tour was over. You can rent our car and drive it for 3 hours from the coast to one of the ski resorts in Montenegro Mountains. I know many motorcyclists who are fond of the board or skiing.

Nevertheless, if skiing is not for you, there is ice fishing, and much more vacation fun to keep you busy ;-) .

This section shows the current period information.


Motorcycle Rental in Montenegro, Motorcycle tours in Montenegro and Motorcycle tours from Montenegro to Europe

Montenegro is a country with a truly unique nature, located on the Coast of the Adriatic sea. Motorcycle Tour participants in Montenegro come back home with lots of positive. Mountains, canyons, gorges, rivers, forests, serpentines, sea, beaches - all this is a little Montenegro. A huge advantage is that Montenegro Motorcycle season is almost not closing. The winter conditions allow traveling along the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, on the Croatian coast in one direction and on the coast of Albania to another. The flight from Moscow takes 3 hours. Visa free travel for Russian tourists. Montenegro is located in the center from "all" sides: Athens 1100 km, Venice 900 km, Sicily 600 km, Switzerland, Austria, Germany (Alps) - 1300 km. Montenegro location allows to turn any motorcycle travel idea into reality!!!

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