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Principles of Food Combining.

While keeping to food combining you should observe certain rules of foods compatibility. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Never eat starch foods with acid foods at the same meal.

Bread, potatoes, peas, beans, bananas, dates and other carbohydrates can’t  be eaten together with lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pine-apples, cranberries and other acid fruits.

 2. Never eat concentrated proteins and concentrated carbohydrates at the same meal.

It means: don’t mix nuts, meat, eggs, cheese and other protein foods with bread, cereals, pastries, sweet fruits. At one meal you should have eggs, fish, milk, at the other – bread, cereals, pasta (if you can’t avoid them) .

 3. Never eat 2 concentrated proteins at the same meal.

Two proteins of different kind and composition require different digestive juices and their concentration. These juices are not exuded in the stomach at the same time. That is why you should observe the rule: only one kind of protein at a meal.

 4. Don’t eat fats with proteins.

Cream, butter, sour cream, vegetable oil should not be mixed with meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and other proteins. Fat suppresses the gastric glands and inhibit the secretion of digestive juices while eating meat, eggs and nuts.

 5. Don’t eat acid fruits with proteins.

Oranges, lemons, tomatoes, pine-apples, cherries, acid plums and apples should not be eaten together with meat, nuts, eggs. The less complicated are food mixes and simpler are our foods – the more effective is our digestion.

 6. Don’t eat starch with sugar at the same meal.

 Jellies, jams, fruit butter, sugar molasses, syrups on bread or eaten at one meal with cereals, potatoes, sugar and cereals – all this causes fermentation and poisoning of the body. Usually, feasts with cakes, sweets, pastries lead to vomiting, sicknesses suffered especially by children and old people.

7. Eat only one concentrated starch at a meal.

If two kinds of starch (potatoes and cereal with bread) are eaten at the same meal, one of them is getting digested and the other lies heavy untouched on the stomach, doesn’t  pass the intestines, inhibits other foods digesting, causes fermentation, increased gastric acidity, belching, etc.

 8.  Don’t eat melon with any other foods.

Water melons, honey melons, cantaloupes and other kinds of melon should be eaten alone.

 9.  You had better take separately or even totally avoid milk.

Fat of milk prevents the secretion of gastric juice. Milk is not digested in the stomach but in the duodenum, so the stomach doesn’t respond to the presence of milk by secretion, which retards the absorption of other food.

 There are 3 important rules of combining foods.

Based upon the proven experience scientific, physiological and biological researches worked out the following technological principles in the theory of food combining:

  1. Elimination of all harmful:

-          refusal of toxic stimulants (alcohol, smoking, hot spices);

-          every possible way of reducing the food proteins (meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, legumes);

-          subordination of appetite to reason, and not vice versa;

-          reduction of salt consumption.

 2.    Increase in the proportion of the active healing food:

-     increase in the proportion of natural foods and thereby growth of the body chemical energy;

-     restitution of healthy appetite;

 3.  The essential meal principles while organizing the food combining are as follows:

-  don’t eat much and frequently; there should be one main and 2 additional meals during the day;

-   all that is eaten over and above is harmful;

-     don’t drink alcohol;

-    eat slowly, chew the food thoroughly; it is especially important to observe this rule while consuming raw and some cooked green foods to prevent stomach and intestinal disorders. 


 1) The healthiest is unrefined vegetable oil, but if you prefer butter – go ahead. Just be aware that pure butter is now a rarity.

 2) Using sea salt is preferable, as it is rich in minerals. But salt should not be overused, 2-4 grams a day is enough.

 3) Don’t use vinegar and mustard in excess.

 4)  It is acceptable to season carbohydrates with lemon juice (a representative of the protein group), and proteins – with honey (related to carbohydrate foods).

 5)  It is best to eat raw foods, because they tend to contain more of healthy nutrients than processed foods, and besides, they speed up metabolism and facilitate the natural purification of the body from wastes and toxins.

 6) It is not recommended to pare fruits and vegetables with eatable peel. As a rule, peels and seeds of fruit contain most of healthful substances. But this applies to vegetables and fruits that are grown without  chemical fertilizers. Otherwise,  peel and core of such fruits and vegetables contain a very high concentration of nitrates.

7) The best ways of cooking are steaming, stewing, baking in foil, roasting. If you cook vegetables, put fat into a ready-made dish, and you can stew vegetables with water.

 8) Potatoes boiled in jackets, retain much more minerals. If you prefer pre-peeled potatoes, don’t forget that potato broth is a mineral "treasure", which may be well used.

 9) It is important to observe the food seasonality: to eat more green foods in spring and summer, foods rich in proteins and fats – in winter and fall.

10) In no case overeat. He who eats a lot gets tired faster and sick more often. After a meal there should be always a slight feeling of hunger, but noway overeating .

Food combining is a system that will help you not only lose your weight, but first of all to be healthy, to get rid of many illnesses or to prevent their onset. The main principle, is this: proteins and carbohydrates should be eaten at different meals.


In this supplement we collected the most important information about the principles of food combining, as well as a compact and user-friendly scheme of foods compatibility. In the directory, you will find the most popular foods with detailed information about their consuming, the number of calories and digestion time.                                                                                                                                 

Select the food product you are interested in to get more information about its compatibility with other foods.

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