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Many people regard suicide as a disease, mostly of psychological character, and limited to this notion only. However everybody should remember, that suicide can be interpreted as one of so called “dark sides” of one’s personality. Nevertheless, let us not analyse these tangle-minded creatures and consider the phenomenon of suicide itself.


There are conflicting opinions on this case. Some see this action as unwarranted weakness and anti-individuality. They perceive self-murderers as miserable people, unable to struggle and inadequate in their style of living. No wonder, that such an action is supposed to be a sin for this kind of public. The opposite side thinks the people, who decided to take their own lives, to possess outstanding willpower, and their action to deserve respect, especially minding, that not everyone is capable of that. Though these extremes aren’t completely right, their combination can throw the light on the real situation.


So, let us consider the matter closer. Perhaps, we should start from the things, that have impact on the affair: irritants, both external and internal. The external include the person’s company, the problems he deals with – all is included in here. There can probably appear a reasonable individual to interfere by saying his senseless anti-supporting word for suicides about the ability to adapt, to solve problems, following the principle “Want to live – be able to dodge”. It is true in general. However, such a compromising claim can be countered by my saying, that this Mister, understanding the case like this, doesn’t see the gist, as he doesn’t inquire into the matter and decide. He concludes only from judging by the surface. And there everything is perfect. Actually, the situation itself leaves much to be desired.


We are always told to be living in peace. But is it possible to call “Peace” some state, that takes place, not life, just existence? Is it possible to call “peaceful” the place of still wagging wars and where people are dying in abject poverty? People are involved in their making the world better so deeply, that they have almost ruined it. The most shoking about it is, that people improve the world by creating death out of life, because everyone is striving for eternal peace, which is death. Life means activity. If so, our modern life is almost equal to death. 


Let us abandon this dull reasoning and go on discussing another matters. I suppose, we should procede with the wide range of suicide motives, and let fantasy be the guide. Anyway, here we are dealing with general, most interesting and wide-spread ways.


I can definitely state, that almost 99.9% of total suicides amount is commited due to complications of private life. The most common and hackneyed reason, isn’t it? But this problem is really relevant, as it contains both psychological and mental features. Emotions put a heavy burden on a person. Though it sounds ridiculous and unfeasible, some feelings can hurt. Usually, the death of your nearest and dearest is hard to go through. Here we can mark immediate depression, loneliness, imaginary misunderstanding, lost sense of life, interest towards it... and a number of problems, atacking their victim from everywhere. Some more about the external irritants, as they are the general impulse for a suicide, that’s why they can also include physical humilation. However, let us not contemplate upon this matter, as all the mental sores are alike, so it’s senseless to discuss the point anymore. Negative thoughts and emotions are demoralizing a person’s soul like venom. The paradox is, that communication is the cure. Unbelievable, but it’s true. Actually, communication is the peerless and invaluable phenomenon of unlimited potential, but depending on its topic and interloqutors. Communication can change the march of events. A word is the most dreadful, painful and vague arm a person possesses, as this damn thing expresses meanings and emotions. The double nature of a word lies in its ability to both assault and defend. But let us not spout similes, as here everything is clear. In rare particular cases, mental and psychological traumas are curable by communication, though the sufferers are not likely to debate, but here everything depends on the oratory. Banal chattering about “life still continues and so on” just annoys with its uselessness and importunity. As if nobody knows it and thus, this truism is the eigth wonder-of-the-world-to-be, which would save the person from inevitable ruin! I think it’s doesn’t worth talking like this, as the case is much easier. Let us revert to our victims. All these mental sores deprive a person of the ability, responsible for will to live and to struggle. That’s why individuals become self-reserved, trying to think the situation over and mostly failing to do so right. Thus, people can be of the following types:

1. the personalities, who have realized the world’s ruitine decay, and who consider suicide to be the only chance to free them from this nightmare

2. the personalities, who are desperately confused by the complexity of the whole thing and who try to live without minding problems, say, their life is illusion.

3. the personalities, who have started their living out of curiosity, which makes them similiar to the second type, as the life of both resembles just illusion.


And maybe the most tragic about it is that the second and the third types are to commit suicide after all, despite such a respite from death. However it is a rare case, as such people are mostly cowards or stuffing their heads with something like “how the others will live without me?” – etc. All these pleasant ideas are useless to list, as such snivel makes me sick. But let us not be severe. A man is weak, but the reason for this is the society, which justifies morals, influencing the weaknesses. This is considered to be right for some reasons. In this case the consequence is suicide, as the person, desperate to find a way out, chooses the latter as the only thing.


You might have guessed, that the main motive for a person to commit a suicide is disenchantment. Such a sweet, charming, luscious word. The most pleasant thing. My admiration for its tricking human beings is everlasting. This perfect phenomenon is very caustic and violent by nature, as it atacks from behind, plunging its claws and fangs right into its victim’s soul. According to the number of these frustrations, the certain period is defined, during which a person becomes perplexed, outcasted and helpless. Just an ideal victim. The personalities, who are most weakness-prone, are inclined to believe in such motives for suicide as poor life realization and some are just imitators. The first type is usually popular among the weak-willed persons with unsuccessful creative searches and so on. This type is so repulsive to me, that I can’t stand discussing it anymore. The second is also foolish and tricky, as the gist of it is just plagiarism. Such motives point out the utter weaknesses of a human being. These aren’t the most attracting reasons for self-murder for those, who still has some human pride left.


You know, I’ve come across a slight nuance, accepted by many people, who consider suicide to be a self-willed depriving one’s own beloved person of life. Sure, however this chaos disguises an interesting idea about suicide being versatile. Thus, there are ways, which are out of discussion for some reason, known neither by science, nor by me. In this bombastic statement, confusing for an average person, I’m expressing my ultimate indignation towards injustice. Suicide usually means common notions and, as follows, the most wide-spread ways, such as poisoning, cutting veins, hanging, falling, drowning – though these aren’t very popular. Are you yet interested? I have to upset you, as there’s nothing new I can tell you. Moreover, the topic is so hackneyed, that it seems to have bored everybody with its crestfallen flavour. So, I’m not keeping you in suspense anymore. Perhaps, somebody has guessed, what it’s all about. We are perfectly aware of the public opinion on suicide. But why only the minority considers such harmful things as addiction to alcohol, smoking or drugs to be the most common ways for commiting a suicide? Naturally, these are no good for the people, who have made up their mind to do so, as the negative factors’ impact takes a long time to emerge. But the final effect is evident, especially, when abusing such habits. However, the topic is so banal, discussed by everybody and it’s simply beyond myself to write anything else on it.


So, forget all this stuff and revert to the perfect idiom “illusion of life”. The term is not very promissing, actually. But, surely, it’s peerless. Why? Because the majority (I’m not afraid of putting it so), are living for illusion. They have walled themselves into a case and lived inside since then, ignoring all the external irritants! Thus, they become locked in a kind of a merry-go-round of life. So, life. What is it about? Show me, how it feels... to live... 

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